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FAQ Question Do I need a prescription for All Day Calm™?
FAQ Answer No, All Day Calm™ is a all-natural dietary supplement that you may order online or by telephone. However, you may want to consult with your pharmacist or health care provider if you are currently taking medication, you are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.
FAQ Question Will All Day Calm™ make me drowsy or tired?
FAQ Answer No, All Day Calm™ is intended to provide relief from stress and anxiety, without causing drowsiness.
FAQ Question What should I expect when I take All Day Calm™?
FAQ Answer Most people feel the benefits of All Day Calm™ as quickly as 30 to 45 minutes after taking the tablet. Users report a reduction of anxiety and stress, an increased sense of calm and well-being, followed by a peaceful, relaxed and focused state of body and mind, and a general sense of happiness.
FAQ Question What do the ingredients of All Day Calm™ do to relieve anxiety and stress?
FAQ Answer The ingredients of All Day Calm™ are safe, natural and effective. All Day Calm™ is produced in an FDA registered facility, and is manufactured in the United States of America. It is a safe and natural alternative supplement. All Day Calm™ works by:
  • Targeting and reducing stress related symptoms.
  • Facilitating a state of well-being and focus, by means of using an effective combination of vitamins, minerals and a calm-enhancing proprietary herbal blend.
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FAQ Question What are the effects of All Day Calm™?
FAQ Answer All Day Calm™ is an effective supplement that contains all-natural ingredients, including: L-Theanine, Passion Flower, Vitamin B6, Valerian Root, Magnesium Oxide, and Folate in each tablet. Reported effects include general calming effect, relaxation, and focus without becoming drowsy. Many users report feeling increased "happiness."
FAQ Question What are the benefits of All Day Calm™?
FAQ Answer All Day Calm™ is intended to help reduce anxiety and nervousness, while promoting a state of calm and well-being all day. The benefit is an ability to focus on the things that matter, without being dragged down by anxiety.
FAQ Question Is All Day Calm™ FDA-approved?
FAQ Answer All Day Calm™ is an all-natural supplement, and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although All Day Calm™ has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, the product is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that is in conformance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All Day Calm™ is an all-natural once-daily supplement. The FDA evaluates only food and drugs, and not supplements such as All Day Calm™.
FAQ Question How long does All Day Calm™ take to work?
FAQ Answer Most people begin feeling the effects of All Day Calm™ within 30 to 45 minutes of taking it. People have reported it helps sooth their stress related symptoms, after taking it the very first time. You may take as needed, or everyday.
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